Sep 192011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Anyone who has read budget stories in the Collegian has probably seen at least one quote from Brad Bohlander, CSU’s spokesman and executive director of public relations. Either that, or you recognize him from the Strip Club, where he was once heralded as one of CSU’s sexiest men in power.

And after November, Brad’s voice of reason will no longer resonate through our pages. Bohlander, who has represented CSU since 2002, has accepted a position as Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications at North Carolina State University.

The relationship between journalists and public relations officials is a complicated one. We call them constantly, often at odd hours, demanding information and time with public figures, heckling them until they meet our obnoxious deadlines.

And in exchange for their time and effort, we often write negative stories about the institutions they represent, and then call them at midnight the next day to crank out our next story, expecting them to keep being polite.

Throughout these ups and downs, Bohlander has, for the most part, been patient and has genuinely wanted to help us out.

He has been very accommodating to us as student journalists, and a lot of the time the facts we use in our stories have come from the hard work Bohlander puts into his job.

And so, we wish you luck, Brad, as you embark on a new part of your career in North Carolina. And we hope that your replacement continues to support the Collegian as much as you have.

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