Sep 162011
Authors: Jesi Fish

One of the many benefits of living in a college town is the masses of stores, restaurants, and even better, discounts. Many businesses work with Colorado State University to provide college students with bundles of coupons and deals for their products.

But often times students miss out on these opportunities because it’s too much work to sort through the overwhelming numbers of literature distributed on campus.

“I’ll use some, but most of them I don’t even go through because there are so many and I don’t have that time,” said undeclared sophomore David Redmond. “It’s not like I have tons of extra spending money anyway.”

But for other students, they welcome the potentially large amount of savings.

“I go through them all and cut out the best deals and the ones I will actually use,” said sophomore journalism major Sarah Thomsen. “I am a cheap college student so spending $5 on a cup of coffee is out of the question, but normally I can get it for free or at least half off. Anything more is silly with all the coupons they offer.”

The coupon lifestyle is not new to all students, but even veterans may not know some tricks of the trade. A few groups of avid couponers will take multiple books each, cut out more than one of the same specific coupon (so getting three free lattes instead of one) and pass along the remaining coupons to friends, forming coupon circles. One person may want all of the coffee coupons, while another person takes pizza.

Another group of “real deal” couponers will trade coupons for others. To organize all their coupons, deal hunters will often buy organizers to sort and store their scrapings accordion style. They sort by area of town, food type or level of savings.

Many people pick up menus of restaurants that they are visiting, take note of what delivers, sticky note it, bookmark it and throw it in the organizer.

Another great way for students to save on and off campus is through their RamCards. On top of meals, laundry and library checkout, school campus cards are coupons themselves at over 20 shops and businesses. This includes food places like Blackjack Pizza, Cafe Mexicali, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Domino’s Pizza, Qdoba Mexican Grill and Silver Mine Subs.

If students are interested in getting involved with the couponing scene, pick up a booklet from the LSC or ask for them in the dining and residence halls. Newspapers and magazines often offer deals students can cut out, and some businesses have codes to text in for discounts.

CSU students aren’t the only ones interested in saving big bucks. TLC’s hit show “Extreme Couponing” is solely focused on stories of how families save money with coupons. They have been known to save from hundreds to thousands of dollars on a single shopping trip, dedicating nearly two hours a day to cutting out coupons and saving enough money to make it worth a full-time job.

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