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Sep 162011
Authors: Laura Esposito

Oatmeal stout with oatmeal cookie dough gelato sounds like every savory beer lovers dream come true. The recently opened gelato shop in town, Sammy Q’s Gelatoland, on the corner of Laporte and College avenues, offers a handful of unique beer gelatos that even the under-21 crowd can hop over to and try.

According to the staff at Sammy Q’s, the gelato is made with real beer, not just beer flavoring. Sound like a bunch of hot air? Well actually, there’s less. One of the biggest differences between beer gelato, or gelato in general, and regular ice cream, is the air content.

“Gelato is similar to ice cream, but it has less air whipped into it, so it’s richer, thicker and creamier,” said Kelsey Scott, a junior at Colorado State University who works at Sammy Q’s.

Sammy Q’s doesn’t make any of their gelato in-house; rather they snag their custom orders from Palazzolo’s Gelato in Fennville, Mich. Pete Palazzolo, creator of Palazzolo Gelato, confirms Scott’s reasoning.

“Most American brands of bulk ice cream and consumer-packed ice cream range from 60 percent to 120 percent overrun,” said Palazzolo in his online blog. “Overrun is the trade term for the amount of air whipped into the product. One hundred percent overrun is 50 percent air.”

That means when you buy gelato, you’re really getting more for your money because of its density. So what makes beer gelato different than regular ice cream?

“Gelato should be under 20 percent overrun and keeping with tradition, it should be flavored from actual ingredients like strawberries or nuts, not from flavorings,” said Palazzolo in his blog. “As the gelato industry grows, we are seeing many misconceptions. One is that gelato is fat-free. I find this one really silly since it is after all, frozen dairy.”

Owner of Sammy Q’s, Kim Stiner, agreed that while beer gelato may not be healthier than regular ice cream, it offers those who enjoy it a true beer experience.

“I think that a lot of people in this day and age all want to indulge and have their treats,” said Stiner. “If they can choose real ingredients over fake, then why not? This gelato doesn’t use any mixes, PreGels or preservatives. We only use fresh ingredients.”

However, beer lovers beware – Sammy Q’s doesn’t offer their coveted beer gelato on a regular basis. With 48 flavors on any given day, they like to give out what people are asking for most, so you’ll have to grab it while it’s hot – or cold for that matter.

“When people come in, they’re really excited about it,” said Katherine Metoyer, CSU junior who also works at Sammy Q’s. “But no one has come in and asked for Fat Tire or anything.”

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