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Authors: Michael Elizabeth Sakas (DJ MissMichael)

There are several small feats known to be accomplishable in 20 minutes or less.

For instance, workout infomercials guarantee fat-burning results in a couple of 10-minute sessions a week. Television cook Rachel Ray bases her entire career around quick (and healthy!) recipes that take a similar amount of time.

And, according to some websites, you can memorize an entire textbook in under 20 minutes, just after you’ve typed in your credit card information, maiden name and social security number.

The suckers for fast food and instant messaging could even consider 20 minutes too long (why make food when I can get DP Dough almost all hours of the day?), but even the shortest attention spans won’t stray from the 19 minutes of deep beats and dance-y funk of Toro Y Moi’s five-track EP “Freaking Out,” due out next Tuesday.

From South Carolina, Chazwick Bundick makes up the entirety of Toro Y Moi, which is roughly translated to “Bull and Me.”

Born in 1986 and graduating from USC only a few years ago, Bundick has been submerged in the young musical movement towards fuzzy, atmospheric, lo-fi, airy pop.

The sound was labeled “chillwave,” and Bundick is attempting to move past that genre with “Freaking Out.”

After eight seconds of a single-note, computerized build, the first track drops an irresistibly dance-synth snappy beat that echoes Julian Casablancas’ (lead singer of The Strokes) solo work, especially his single “11th Dimension.”

The lo-fi character of chillwave sneaks through with a few seconds of the song, sounding as if it’s being played through an old radio.

The use of claps, percussion and keyboard aren’t new to Toro Y Moi, but they create an upbeat sound instead of a dreamy nostalgic one like on past albums and EPs.

Bundick experiments with vocal mixing and layering, especially on the title track.

The vocals aren’t even discernable in “Sweet,” and instead are used as sample snippets to create a club-like sound, with the bass going in and out like it would if you were going in and out of loud room and into bathroom.

In the 20 minutes that it takes for Toro Y Moi’s EP to end, your ears will be pleased, your body full of movement and Bundick will gain momentum.

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“Pet Sounds” or “Sgt. Pepper’s”?

Pet Sounds. In my mind, if aliens discovered the ruins of our civilization millenia from now, they would marvel over two records: the third Brandenburg Concerto and “God Only Knows.”

Top 10 albums

1. Portugal. The Man- “In The Mountain in the Cloud”
2. Taxicab Racers- “Hunters/Beggars”
3. Foster the People- “Torches”
4. Mansions- “Dig Up The Dead”
5. Washed Out- “Within And Without”
6. Yacht- “Shangri-La”
7. Death Cab For Cutie- “Codes And Keys”
8. Wire Faces- “Diamonds And Gold”
9. Male Bonding- “Endless Now”
10. Arctic Monkeys- “Suck It And See”

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