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Sep 142011
Authors: Allison LeCain

Excitement fills the air as plates shatter against the wall and the servers dance around the restaurant. Flames fly high on a plate of cheese being held right above the table, making any guest feel like they are enjoying a unique dining experience.

This is the atmosphere at one of Fort Collins’ newest Greek restaurants, Taverna. Manager Topher Hartfield said Greek culture inspires the environment of this restaurant, displaying a positive mindset by entertaining their guests with unique food, music and dancing.

Owner Ryan Rezinas first opened Taverna in Flagstaff, Ariz. Hartfield said Fort Collins was their next choice for location because of the strong culinary scene the city provides.

“People here have an understanding of quality food as well as quality service,” Hartfield said. “He found the right fit here, and Fort Collins has been so very gracious with our opening.”

In addition to Taverna, Fort Collins is the home for other Greek restaurants, such as Cafe Athens and Renzios. Both Taverna and Cafe Athens are semi-casual restaurants and Renzios is a quick food stop located in the Foothills Fashion Mall.

Hartfield said Taverna stands out from the other Greek restaurants in town by offering a culturally rich environment. In the evening, the employees celebrate by throwing plates at the walls and dancing. This occurs almost every hour on the hour because guests routinely ask for it.

“The culture really has to do with fresh food and the mentality that we have,” Hartfield said. “We are really just one giant family, and we are all here for our guests.”

Colorado State University sophomore Lauren Hajnos said that Fort Collins seems to have a lot of diverse restaurants, and Greek food is a great one to add to the list. While she has not been to Taverna yet, she said the atmosphere they provide sounds exciting.

“It’s unique – you don’t normally go to a restaurant where they are smashing plates,” Hajnos said. “It’s something new that will attract people because it’s not the norm.”

Where to ‘Go Greek’ in Fort Collins

• Taverna
4235 S. College Ave.|
• Cafe Athens
2842 Council Tree Ave.
• Renzios
215 E. Foothills Parkway

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