Sep 142011
Authors: Courtney Riey

The Association for Student Activity Programming (ASAP) found out yesterday morning that Chris Tucker has cancelled his comedy show that was scheduled to take place at CSU Sept. 25 because he got a movie deal that conflicted with the event.

“If it’s a good movie, then I’ll forgive him,” said Garth Vernon, a sophomore civil engineering major.
ASAP and the Air Force Reserve, who were putting on the “Chris Tucker Comedy Show” does not know the title of the movie Tucker accepted a deal from, and the organizations have no plans to replace his act with someone else.

Nick Eppley, the executive coordinator for ASAP, said about 1,100 students got tickets for the comedy show.

“There was good involvement (from the students),” he said. “People were excited.”

ASAP did not lose any money from Tucker’s cancellation, except for marketing costs, which amounted to about $1,800.

“It’s a nice thing that (the tickets) were free,” he said.

Freshman engineering majors Kyle Hartson and Trent Fara found out Tucker cancelled his show yesterday afternoon while walking through the Lory Student Center.

Harston said Chris Tucker was a big part of his childhood.

“I’m devastated. I was excited,” he said. “I grew up watching the ‘Rush Hour’ movies. Chris Tucker’s hilarious. I’m still in shock.”

“I was pumped,” added Fara.

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