Sep 132011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Before our very eyes our beloved school is becoming even less prestigious.

A story in today’s Collegian says this year CSU hit a record enrollment high of 30,450 students this fall. This also comes with the largest freshman class in our school’s history.

What does this mean to you? Well it’s simple.

Think of CSU as an exclusive club. In order to get into this club you have to prove you meet the high standards the club expects. Once you’re in the club you pay a lot of money in order to get access to cool club decoder rings, secret handshakes, etc.

Well, once the club starts letting everyone in, the club isn’t as exclusive. The handshakes aren’t as secret, and you’re still paying the same money to get something not quite as good.

We at CSU are getting the same education, (which could arguably be slightly worse with larger class sizes and less special attention given to each student) and at the same time tuition is rising. So more people are paying more money, yet what we are paying for is of a lower quality.

In our story today CSU’s Executive Director of Admissions Jim Rawlins stressed that the university’s standards haven’t changed, and our GPA is higher than ever.

The school might not be letting in a lower quality of student, but it is letting in more students, that we must compete with for housing, a seat in a class, a treadmill in the gym and a job in four years.

It’s also doubtful employers will be impressed with us coming from a school that lets just about anyone in.

Ask yourselves these questions CSU, because the degree we get at the end of our college career now looks a little less impressive.

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