Sep 122011
Authors: Eric Berlinberg and Andrew Yoder

Dear Students of Colorado State University,

This weekend at 11:30 a.m. on national television, one of the state’s most celebrated and anticipated rivalries will take place at Denver’s Sports Authority Field, marking another year of tradition in college football for CSU and CU-Boulder. The Rocky Mountain Showdown is an intense competition between two of Colorado’s greatest universities and their proud student bodies.

With the intense rivalry in the Rocky Mountain Showdown comes the risk of disrespectful fan behavior and unsafe pre- and post-game practices. Leadership from both universities have been working to ensure a safe environment so all fans may enjoy the game.  As the leaders of our respective student governments, we want to urge students from both schools to be aware of the consequences of your actions. One irresponsible act can hurt more than just a college career: that act can harm the well-being of those around you, damage the reputation of your university and perpetuate the negative image of college students in Colorado.  It may also impact your own academic standing with your university.

When our teams go head-to-head on Saturday, let’s remember that while our schools compete both on and off the field, together we represent students of higher education and must act with sportsmanship and class.  In the spirit of healthy competition, we encourage both sides to show their school pride with passion and enthusiasm in a respectful and responsible manner.

The Rocky Mountain Showdown is a proud tradition in Colorado.  Show the nation your school spirit, be safe and demonstrate the values our student bodies stand for.

Act with integrity and good sportsmanship, and enjoy the game,

_Eric Berlinberg and Andrew Yoder
President, ASCSU    Tri-Executive, UCSU
Colorado State University    University of Colorado_

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