Sep 112011
Authors: Cris Tiller

We’re going into week three and we’re 2-0, top of the Mountain West.

Well I’m here to tell you not to get too excited and remember whom we’re dealing with here.

We’ve seen this kind of start before, in fact the Rams actually made it to 3-0 two years ago. In 2009 CSU beat CU-Boulder, then went on to beat Weber State and Nevada.

It felt great to beat CU and be halfway to a second consecutive bowl appearance.

But we all got ahead of ourselves, and when the Rams went on to lose the remaining nine games of the season, our world got turned upside down.

Now I’m not saying that the Rams are going to go out and lose the rest of their games like they did in 2009, but simply advising that you take a closer look at the two victories.

Week one against the University of New Mexico can really only be described with one word as far as I’m concerned—scary.

CSU looked extremely average on offense, and that would probably be an insult to average.

The Rams tallied a meager 92 yards rushing yards, for a 3.3 yards per carry average against arguably the worst team in the conference.

Establishing a running attack is the key that makes coach Steve Fairchild’s offense run and if the team can’t get over 100 yards against New Mexico, what do you think will happen against conference powers Boise State and Texas Christian?

Third downs have been a problem area for CSU converting a total eight times in 25 attempts.

Defensively the Rams have held up their end doing what they were expected to do. CSU ranks in the top 20 in points per game, giving up 12 points on average.

The downside for the defense going forward is the injury bug.

In the first two games of the season the Rams have lost as many important players to essentially season ending injuries. Defensive end Broderick Sargent tore an ACL, and defensive captain Mychal Sisson fractured his right ankle.

I don’t need to tell you the importance of Sisson. Just look at what happened in the second half Saturday.

The team fell apart following the Sisson injury and credited, at least partially, his injury to distracting the team from the game.

So before you start reconsidering our chances for a bowl game and begin finding mysterious W’s on the schedule that weren’t there before, all I ask is that you remember we’ve been here before.

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