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I am admittedly a man who does not trust government in general and the U.S. federal government specifically. While serving in the active USAF in September 2001, I was as horrified and angered by the attacks as everyone else in the country.

Though I, like the vast majority of the population, bought the rhetoric of the president at the time, I have since grown to realize a very difficult truth many Americans continue to remain ignorant of: we cannot trust the federal government.

I’m not talking about conspiracy theories such as, “9/11 was an inside job,” or “George Bush knew about the attacks.” I’m talking about undeniable facts.

When measured against the stick of reality, “official government narrative” often takes two plus two and comes up with “nothing to see here.” Now, before you check out of the column and get back to Sudoku or whatever reality show has your attention, I promise I’m not,“talking crazy conspiracies.”

Kennedy’s assassination serves as the most obvious example. In the official narrative, Oswalt would have had to have been in multiple places simultaneously and performed an impossible task with the weapon in question.

So what is the truth? No idea, but, you need to know you’ve been sold lies.

“False Flag Operations” are a military and government tactic used as justification to intrude upon liberty and to enter wars.
This is not a blanket statement declaring all events that pulled us into war as fictional; they all assuredly happened, just not in the manner of which we were told.

However, what is fed to the American public immediately from the media and over the long-term as part of our education does not represent the facts, specifically American or ally actions preceding the event.

We have been taught since it happened, by both the media and education system, the U.S. entered World War II as a result of the “unprovoked attack” by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor.

Unfortunately, this official narrative can only be believed in spite of the facts. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a shrewd politician and recognized that the American people, despite the Great Depression, wanted nothing to do with the war in Europe and increasing Japanese hostilities in the Pacific.

The country was war-weary after WWI and the majority felt it best to stay out of European and Asian conflicts. As modern politicians have certainly learned, “Never let a tragedy go to waste,” and FDR created the environment for a tragedy.

By initiating an oil embargo against Japan from their three primary sources, U.S., Britain and Netherlands East Indies, FDR ensured the already hostile Japanese would take the bait and attack U.S. forces.

This is the purpose of “False Flags.” Am I saying we had it coming?

Sort of, but deeper than that, what I’m saying is you will only be told what they want you to believe, which is that we are always innocent.

FDR damn sure didn’t mention the Navy had valid intelligence indicating the Japanese were steaming for Pearl Harbor, and he quietly prearranged for the Red Cross to bolster their supplies on both the West Coast for deployment to Hawaii and in Hawaii. His intent was to outmaneuver the “isolationists” wanting to stay out of the war.

In his defense, the Navy admiralty believed the base was near impregnable and underestimated the damage the Japanese would do. Nevertheless, these are facts but they aren’t taught.

The most third most obvious false flag in American history was the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which pulled us into the Vietnam War.
With this information in mind, how can we believe the official narrative of 9/11? Among the many troubling aspects, FBI and CIA operators had information the attacks were likely but were prevented from sharing their information by law.

How did Congress and the White House respond? They created the Department of Homeland Security, a monstrosity of bureaucracy, that has made us no safer today than September 10, 2001.

Shrub’s administration was briefed on the possibility of an attack, but according to then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, no specific warnings were given.

American physicists have declared the explanation for the collapse of the Twin Towers as “implausible according to the laws of physics.”

Likewise, and little known, World Trade Center building seven, completely untouched by the attacks, somehow collapsed within its own footprint several hours after the attacks. I have utterly no idea what happened, but I know the facts do not match the official narrative, including their explanation as to the cause of the attacks.

How will you know if someone in the federal government is lying to you? Their lips are moving.
Seth J. Stern lives in fear of the federal government. His justified paranoia appears Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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