Birth of A New Era

Sep 112011
Authors: Jaime Pritchard, College Avenue Magazine

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler and the journalists at Rocky Mountain Student Media are getting it on in the newsroom once more.

What? Just because we spend every waking moment in our windowless offices, typing like lab monkeys in hopes that our sporadic pounding will result in articles that people actually read, doesn’t mean that we don’t have fun every now and then.

My name is Jaime Pritchard and I am the new Web Content Editor for College Avenue magazine. In all sincerity, words cannot describe how thrilled I am to appear before you as a one-inch thumbnail and a 10 pt. byline. What we at RMSMC hope to share with you, our devote readers, watchers and listeners, are fresh online news stories, features, photos, videos and music clips like you’ve never experienced them before.

It all began on a chilly January morning during Winter Break. The current and future editors of The Collegian, College Avenue, CTV and KCSU huddled together for warmth in the lower level of the Eddy building. However, things took a turn for the scandalous when the meeting quickly progressed into a intellectual foursome.

What resulted from this union was the conception of the Rocky Mountain Student Media supersite. In other words, the love child you see on this very computer screen is the product of nine months worth of precise planning, primping and pre-natal vitamins.

By merging the websites of all four of our entities into one interactive supersite, we are able to provide a complete multimedia experience to all of our audience. Through this new set-up, College Avenue plans to increase it’s online presence by providing a variety of fresh content every week for your information and enjoyment.

I speak on behalf of everyone who had a hand in this creation when I say that I hope you all grow to love our newborn as much as us proud parents do. After all, calling someone else’s baby ugly is just mean.

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