Sep 112011
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

That’s an alien, bruv.”

As aliens unnoticeably descend upon London, a gang of teenagers mugs a nurse on her way home from work.

The pleased mini-bros believe they are the toughest people in town, until they encounter one of the alien creatures and retreat back to their housing project called “the block.”

It is there that they run into the nurse that they mugged, who ultimately decides that it would be safer to stay and work together with the thieves than to fend off the aliens on her own.

The characters in the movie develop well as the plot unfolds. The audience sees a gang of thugs transform into deep, young
individuals each with their own personalities to bring to the table.

But perhaps the most important character in the film is not a person at all; the block itself establishes its own persona simply because the majority of the movie is shot there. “Attack the Block” has a very good sense of place.

As far as alien survival movies go, this one ranks on the milder side. The aliens look more like werewolves with glowing teeth, and their attacks suit their appearance.

Blood and violence are prevalent but they don’t overtake the point of the story or the action scenes. They are not used as distracters like they are in a number of survival films nowadays.

Additionally, the heroes going up against the aliens are teenagers who are packing an assortment of fireworks and a water gun (filled with gasoline, I should add).

And although they are just teenagers, their taking up arms against the alien horde works in the movie.

Who wouldn’t want nasty aliens with bad teeth off their lawn? I sure would.

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