Sep 082011
Authors: Erin Udell

With the football game against CU-Boulder quickly approaching, CSU students have been flocking to box offices and official websites to nab discounted tickets for the annual tradition.

Gary Ozzello, CSU’s senior associate athletic director, has seen many CU/CSU face-offs in his 34 years at the university. And, according to Ozzello, the event will prove to be worth the $25 and hour-long drive.

“I think it’s going to be a great game, and people will want to be there,” Ozzello said. “We’re optimistic that (ticket) sales will be strong.”

Of the 31,000 tickets, 10,000 are set aside for students and according to Ozzello, 6,000 of those student tickets have been sold, with today being the final chance for students to buy tickets at the discounted price.

As for the rest of the tickets, Ozzello said sales will continue throughout the week.

“We use that week to take student data from online ticket purchases and provide that to Sports Authority Field at Mile High,” Ozzello said. “That takes a while, so we have that time to address problems, if any arise.”

Junior communications major Mercedes Bathrick said she went to last year’s showdown, but thought tickets for this year were sold out.

“I didn’t know,” Bathrick said. “I’ll probably go buy one now.”

“The environment (at the game) is so fun, even if we lose,” Bathrick added. “Last year was pretty terrible, though.”

As for previous years, Ozzello said not much has changed in the number of tickets sold, adding that they’ve used the same template for years to easily email tickets to students who purchase online.

“We need our students at that game,” Ozzello said.

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Still need tickets?

  • CSU students can purchase one discounted student ticket at $25 and have the option to purchase guest tickets for $65 each.
  • For more information, or to purchase a ticket, visit
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