Sep 082011
Authors: Matt Miller

After a police investigation into the Aug. 27 Ram’s Pointe pool party, the man running security has been cited with false report of crime and third degree assault. The apartment complex has been cited with nuisance-gathering, and charges have been dropped against one of the four arrested, police spokeswoman Rita Davis said.

Davis said that the security guard, Alan Burke, originally called the police and reported that the individuals assaulted him. But after reviewing video surveillance of the party, police found that CSU football player James Skelton pushed Burke into the pool, then after leaving the pool, Burke assaulted Skelton.

With this video evidence the charges on two of the four arrested have been changed. Skelton’s charges have been dropped to harassment from third degree assault and sophomore communications major Daniel Rosselot’s charge of third degree assault has been dismissed.

Football player Zachary Tiedgen still faces charges of disorderly conduct, and Dillon Lawrence still faces charges of interference with a public officer and open container.

All of these charges, which are municipal misdemeanors, will be resolved at an Oct. 3 Municipal Court hearing.

Campus Crossings at Ram’s Pointe faces a fine of up to $1,000 as well as reimbursement to the city for any costs incurred from the incident. These costs include the payment of overtime to bring extra ambulances, police officers and Street Department employees.
Davis said this cost is still being tabulated, but could be a few thousand dollars. She said the apartment complex has been cooperative with the police.

Police estimate more than 2,000 people attended the back to school party, which ended with 10 people sent to the hospital from conditions such as alcohol related illness.

At this point, Davis said police believe the investigation to be concluded unless video surveillance reveals any other wrongdoing.

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