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Authors: Greg Mees and Erin Udell

Greg Mees for Celestino’s

There isn’t a place in Fort Collins that will transport you to Times Square faster than Celestino’s New York Pizza.

This relatively new pizzeria is just across the street north of campus –– in the Flats at the Oval building –– and is a great spot to hit up for a quick and affordable lunch.

Celestino’s offers a student special everyday that includes a slice of cheese or pepperoni and a drink for only $3.50. Let’s face it, you can’t go anywhere and get a quality meal for that price these days.
They offer the classic pepperoni and cheese slices, but they also have some unique, and very good, specials.

The Olive Special is hands down the best pie in Fort Collins. The slice is smothered in artichoke hearts, black olives and then after it’s tossed back into the oven for a second to get warmed up and crispy, it’s topped with freshly chopped basil to make one tasty lunch.

The food as a whole is really good, but everyone knows that the key to perfect pizza is the crust. Celestino’s thin crust has the perfect balance of crunch on the outside and doughy-ness in the middle and for being a thin crust joint, that is a serious feat.

A pizza’s grease drip is also important. Yes, I know that sounds gross, but the best pies do have a little bit of grease from the cheese that drips onto your plate as you scarf it down.

While pizza is the obvious choice, the shop’s menu isn’t only limited to that. Celestino’s has a well-rounded menu that includes spaghetti, Philly cheesesteaks and other sandwiches.

Though my co-columnist will drone on about Pizza Casbah’s better atmosphere, it can’t match the quality. There isn’t a better pizza place in town than Celestino’s. If you haven’t been, then Celestino’s is definitely where you should head on your lunch break today.

Erin Udell for Pizza Casbah

I cheated the other day. It just happened so quickly.

One second I was walking on campus and the next, I was at Celestino’s New York Pizza across the street from campus.

Before I knew it, I was sitting alone at a table with a half-eaten slice of pizza and the crumbs of cannoli shell sitting in front of me.

The food (and service) was great, but somehow I just felt dirty.

Looking around, this wasn’t my pizza place. It just wasn’t Pizza Casbah.

And while Celestino’s may be the bright and shiny new kid in town, that just makes Pizza Casbah the established bad boy (actually) across the tracks. Let’s be honest, ladies, what girl doesn’t prefer the loveable ruffian?

These rival pizza joints, located just two blocks apart, have caused quite the riff, especially amongst some Collegian staffers, leading to an all out battle for superiority.

And while my foodie co-columnist Greg Mees is all for Celestino’s New York pies, I can’t seem to get away from Casbah’s addictive atmosphere and Jesus-like garlic knots.

What can I say; we’re a newsroom divided.

I’ve gone to Pizza Casbah since I was a freshman living in the dorms and now, three years later, I still get the same feeling every time I walk in the door.

With graffiti-like murals, pictures of customers and arcade games lining the walls, Casbah has always felt like where the cool kids hang out.

And for only $6, you can be one of them, eating the daily student special while listening to music blaring from a jukebox that reads, “might eat your money!”

Located at 126 W. Laurel St., Casbah has been offering students and Fort Collins residents a taste of New York with great pizza, wings and beer for over ten years.

And while the new kid in town touts its authenticity, Casbah doesn’t need to.

It’s already a Fort Collins staple. Here’s to another decade of greasy goodness.

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