Don’t drug test us

Sep 072011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Imagine showing up for your freshmen year of college, your head full of dreams, only to be shoved into a tiny bathroom while a stranger watches you urinate into a little plastic cup.

Well, this is the case at Linn State Technical College in Missouri, where all first-year students must comply with mandatory drug tests.

This requirement takes drug management on campus too far. Colleges are not our parents, our employers or our probation officers.

If our parents ask us to take drug tests while they are paying for our schooling that’s completely fine.

If we have gotten in some legal trouble and by law we are required to take drug tests, so be it. If we are applying for a job and they require a drug test, they have every right to test us and not hire us for being stoners, more power to them.

But if we are paying to attend a school, we have every right to be on whatever drugs we want and ruin our own chances of graduating. We are not paying to be treated like children or criminals.

The Collegian Editorial Board in no way supports drug use. However we do support students’ rights to choose what state of mind they are in when they go to class. Yes it’s stupid, and it’s a waste of money ,but it’s a right nonetheless.

Anyways, do you really need to be completely sober to attend a two-year technical school in Missouri?

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