Sep 062011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Apparently good people in the world do exist. People who would give more than $80,000 of their hard earned salary to the arts in schools, are alive and well, and working as superintendents in Fresno, Calif.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Larry Powell, the superintendent of Fresno County Schools retired for one day last week and was rehired on a salary of $31,020. The move put the rest of his salary of $235,000 plus benefits a year through 2014 back into the district’s pocket.

Why aren’t there more people in the world like Powell? So many people talk a big game, wanting to save education, save the arts and make a difference, but very few care enough to make an actual sacrifice.

Powell was allowed to choose where he wanted the money to go. On top of funding the arts, he gave the money to the anti-bullying program started after the Columbine massacre and even used some to pay for teachers’ salaries if they face layoffs.

“We’ve become so focused on academics that we’re losing the essentials: the arts, people who instill a love of learning,” Powell said in the article. “We’re driving kids away from school.”

Here is a man who realizes there are problems in our country and actually did something to make a difference. If Wall Street, our political leaders, our actors and athletes could make a donation of this magnitude, our country would look a whole lot different.

Obviously most people aren’t financially able to make a donation like Powell, but maybe his mindset could be contagious.

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