Sep 062011
Authors: Kimberly Cook

To answer your question, “Does the American dream really include coddling the rich?”, I answer “no.” It doesn’t include coddling anybody. Any country that coddles its citizens, especially from cradle to grave, will end up like Greece or Ireland. Coddling anyone for too long cripples them in the long run. Now, I ask you a question: Does all the blame for this ‘coddling’ of the rich lie solely on the GOP?

In the editorial, you were heavy with the criticisms on the Republicans, but hardly with the Democrats. The GOP tax policies you consider to be “moronic and shortsighted,” but speaking from an independent point of view, at least they’re allowing for dialogue on our current economic crisis. It’s no secret that reform is heavily needed for Social Security and Medicare.

As a young American, I’m preparing to never see a single penny I’ve put into the system. I think tax reform is needed overall. Thankfully, you touched on the fact that Democrats have brought almost nothing to the table. All I hear from them are calls for more tax hikes, but with the amount of spending going on, tax increases mean nothing. Sure, raise taxes! Raise the corporate tax 50 percent! Tax the wickedly rich millionaires and billionaires 50 percent as well! There will still not be enough revenue to cover the trillions of dollars of debt our country is facing.

President Obama and the Democrats had two years to handle this situation. Why did they not reform the tax code to get rid of those loopholes corporations use? Everyone knows they don’t really pay the 35 percent tax rate. GE paid zero dollars in corporate taxes last year! ZERO! Who is it that Jeffrey Immelt, the head of GE (an “evil corporation”), is working for now? It’s, uh, oh yes, Barack Obama! Talk about moral issues. Why didn’t the president reform the tax code in general?

Why did he extend the Bush tax cuts? It sounds to me like the blame is not all on the GOP.

As a proud American, I want to help, and I do help, the helpless. It’s a tragedy we still have people without work and people who live on the streets. I just don’t trust the government as a charity provider. Too often I see the clueless receiving the help needed for the helpless. Why don’t you write an editorial challenging students to give more to local charities or to do more for our city, our state, our country?

Let’s get people to give, and not just because their government demands it. Coddling hurts everyone, no matter their wallet size. You say the GOP hates on the poor. I’ve heard it said that Democrats hate on the rich. Since when has hating gotten this country anywhere?

Kimberly Cook is a junior business major.

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