Sep 062011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

As of Tuesday afternoon, one of our own, freshman Anna Beninati, is in serious condition at Denver Health Medical Center following an accident in which both her legs were severed at the knees.

The Collegian Editorial Board would like to send our thoughts and condolences to Beninati and her family as she works her way through recovery.

Her injuries will have a serious impact on her life, and as a community and university, we need to stand behind her.

We hope as she works down her road to recovery she will be able to pursue whatever her life plans may be.

While our thoughts are with Beninati and her family, we must look at how to try to prevent these disasters in the future. This should be a reminder to all that hopping trains is not only illegal, but also highly dangerous.

Last year alone 451 people were killed while trespassing on railroad tracks, according to the Federal Railroad Administration.

No one in the Fort Collins or CSU community should have to face this hardship, and understanding the dangers that railways can pose is the first step toward prevention.

Though the consequences for train hopping may be as small as a ticket, for many, the problem falls back to the decision-making process of those who participate. Before train hopping, or any other dangerous activity, people should take time to stop and think.

Students should remember that while it may sound exciting to travel on the trains that run through our own town and our own campus, the dangers are all too real, and the consequences incredibly severe.

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