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Authors: Andrew Carrera

The Women and Gender Advocacy Center is hiring a program coordinator for men’s programming and violence prevention in response to student calls for the position.

During the 2011 spring semester, the Associated Students of CSU passed, in a 6-16-5 vote, the $4 fee that would provide funding for more education and awareness of sexual assault and personal violence. As a result, the center now looks after $189,600.

“When we were asked to be stewards of the fee, we were asked to also focus on prevention work,” said Kathy Sisneros, victim advocate and director of the WGAC. “Hiring this program coordinator is part of that.”

The work involves creating and facilitating spaces for men to discuss their role within gender violence and issues related to masculinity, according to the job description. Developing workshops and seminars specifically geared towards men in ASCSU, fraternities, varsity athletics and other campus organizations, as well as providing support for male primary and secondary survivors is all central to the position.

“I would hope that whoever ends up in the position reaches out to a lot of groups and asks, what makes sense? What do you think will work here?” Sisneros said. “You have to shift the culture that is putting people at risk.”

A combination of the topics of “bystander behavior” and prevention – or how to intervene when someone tries to commit sexual assault, and gender socialization – will be explored in the programs for men.

“I have no idea how ours will take shape,” Sisneros said.

Former ASCSU Sen. Ben Weiner said he didn’t think the avenues to solving this issue have been adequately examined for getting volunteers without having to pay them.

“This is not the way to go about it. The students will be hurting next year. I don’t believe that now is the time for expansion,” he said.

Sen. Weiner voted against the 2011 spring semester $4 fee increase.

The search process is expected to take until January 2012. The position will be paid a minimum of $34,000 and is eligible for university benefits.

The center is also hiring a victim’s advocate with the money they have been assigned.

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The position

What is the new position?

Program coordinator for men’s programming and violence prevention.

Who’s paying for it?

Students who paid last years $4 fee passed for more sex assault awareness and education.

When will it begin?

The search will take place until January 2012

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