Aug 312011
Authors: Erin Nalli

Fall officially begins on Sept. 23. Before we know it, the leaves on the trees will begin to change colors, and we will have to choose our ensembles more carefully as the air begins to chill.

Common to the past, the fall season brings about an annual tradition of unpacking the boots that have been safely tucked away in boxes all summer. The layers start piling on as we notice that sundresses, shorts and our metallic sandals are no longer fulfilling our clothing needs for the year.

Cold weather sets in, and our wardrobes must reflect the changes on the outside.

Boots are a timeless piece, and I hope everyone has at least one go-to pair they can rely on for creating functional, yet fashionable, fall outfits.

Whether you are the type who tucks their skinny-leg jeans into the tops of their leather boots, wears oversized shirts and sweaters with leggings and monochromatic boots or pairs sleek boots with feminine skirts or dresses and leggings, they are a staple item to any closet.

Boots this year are seemingly taking one of two trends: either a tall and sleek equestrian style or a short, trendy fun boot that will add attention to any fall-fitted ensemble.

The equestrian boot is tall and should be shown off. Many times they include special details such as buckles, straps and zippers that can be displayed as fashion statements and attention to detail. Likewise, many short boots have sleek heels, laces or visually interesting edging that should be worn to show off as well.

Nearly all of the boots this fall are rich neutrals like camel, chocolate and charcoal. Boots in such colors can be easily matched with a variety of clothing; so, they are reliable enough to get you through the whole season and quite possible through seasons to come.

Every major shoe brand from Steve Madden to Aldo to Jimmy Choo has a variety of both of the fall 2011 trend-inspired styles available online. Take a little bit of time to search through the fall 2011 shoe supply that different fashion names have available and decide on the style, color or designer you are particularly attracted to.

As a personal owner of five pairs of boots, I can testify by saying I could not get through the fall season without them. They instantly add trendy style to any outfit, and they are an easy piece to formulate an entire ensemble around.

This season, take a stab at delving into the world of fall fashion. Purchase one pair of high quality boots that fit your style and personality, and see where you can make them go over the next few months.

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