A night out on the town

Aug 312011
Authors: Robert Lopez

It’s Friday night and you’re sick and tired of drinking every weekend. The only problem is that you really don’t know what there is to do around Fort Collins.

Well, a brand new website called www.fortcollinsnightout.com may be a solution to the problem.

According to Brian Goldrich, owner and creator of Fort Collins Night Out, the site aims to connect students and community members with what’s going on in Fort Collins.

“The biggest difference between Fort Collins Night and regular directories is that, with a local directory, you don’t really get customer service. They just give a list of what’s going on,” Goldrich said. “When using Fort Collins Night Out, you are connected to the business almost on a personal level. The website stresses customer service for both its businesses and its viewers.”

And while there are many different coupon websites out there with the same concept, Goldrich said that Fort Collins Night Out is different because it’s free for viewers and costs a nominal feel for businesses.

“We connect the businesses with customers by having the customers follow their favorite restaurant and bars, much like Twitter,” Goldrich said. “Then when the restaurants and bars have special events going on, we send the customers a text message.”

Freshman Ashley Sanchez thinks the site is full of great deals, calling it “awesome.”

“It is actually pretty easy to use, and since I am under 21 and can’t drink, it is very helpful to know the different deals that are going on in Fort Collins,” Sanchez said.

The website isn’t limited to just bars and restaurants. It also has information about other events such as plays or musical concerts.

“I know a lot of the owners of bars and restaurants” Goldrich said, “It’s about giving back to the businesses that buy a slot on my site, making sure they get the most from the customers and vice versa.”

After being launched on Aug. 1, the site already has its own app for both select smart phones.

“It’s just such a convenient website,” said Fort Collins resident Brandon Vue. “Whether I want to go bar hopping or go to a restaurant or go to a play, all I have to do is pull out my phone and see what’s going on.”

Collegian Writer Robert Lopez can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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