Rams spike crime

Aug 302011
Authors: Sarah Fenton

According to CSU Police Department, CSU police officers have been working to counteract an increase in incident calls made since fall move-in.

“The first few weeks thereafter are typically quite busy for us,” said CSU Chief of Police Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt in an email to the Collegian. “CSUPD does experience an increase in call volume each fall when students return. We are prepared for this, and staff our shifts the best we can to accommodate this spike.”

CSU Police Department Records Manager Joan Williams confirmed that calls do change in volume between the months preceding fall move-in and the weeks following the student return.

In the months April and May 2011, the average call influx averaged at 300 to 325 incident reports each week. Throughout June and July, those calls dropped to195 to 210 calls per week, while the first two weeks of August spiked to an average of 280 calls.

In contrast, the third week of August, from the 14th to the 20th, averaged out at 480
incident reports per week.

“Keep in mind call volume can be anything from requesting a lock cut from a bicycle, to a roommate dispute, to a criminal event,” Rich-Goldshmidt added. “We try to maximize our staffing levels during this time to be as visible and proactive as possible. Crime tends to be opportunistic.”

“Call types change,” Williams said, “Alcohol contacts go up with students coming back, while alcohol and drug calls go down significantly during the summer.”

According to Rich-Goldschmidt, there are multiple ways of reporting a crime other than going directly to Green Hall, where the CSU Police Department is located.

“This happens frequently, someone will come into the police department thinking they have to report it there and they don’t,” Rich-Goldschmidt said. “The bottom line is, we’ll come to you.”

While the several emergency telephone lines posted around campus are an essential and convenient option, incidents can also be reported in-person inside of Green Hall.

Open 24 hours each day, the police department has staff during regular business hours and an emergency call station set up in the lobby of the west entrance; both of which are ready to respond to reports.

“It’s the PD’s responsibility to support the academic mission of CSU,” Rich-Goldshmidt said. “To that end, we continue to proactively and reactively work to ensure this is a safe and healthy environment where individuals can study, work and socialize. Unfortunately, we can’t do this alone and need the assistance of our community to be truly effective. When this partnership is strong, we all benefit. I call that success.”

Collegian writer Sarah Fenton can be reached at news@collegian.com.

Incident report calls

April 2011: 300-325 calls/week

  • May 2011:* 300-325 calls/week
  • June 2011:* 195-210 calls/week
  • July 2011:* 195-210 calls/week

1st Two Weeks of August: 280-290 calls/week

  • Aug. 14 – 20: *480 calls/week
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