Aug 302011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Students are now allowed to work out in the Rec center’s cardio and weight rooms with no shirts on. But how does this benefit anyone?

Working out topless is both unsanitary and unnecessary.

Would you like to lay down on the bench press after a bare sweaty back was just on there pumping iron?

We all know people sweat while they’re working out, and if you’re not sweating, you’re too busy checking out the hot men lifting weights or the attractive women running around the track.

But your sweat is more contained when your body is clothed, rather than letting it drip down your torso onto anything and everything you touch.

We understand that if you’ve got it, flaunt it. But sanitary conditions is not a price we’re willing to pay to see some half-naked hotties at the gym.

Our prediction is that the main people who will actually take advantage of the Rec center’s new policy are the beefed-up guys who wear little muscle tanks with giant arm holes cut all the way down to their waist, revealing half of their torso anyway.

But a shirtless policy just fuels the egos of these muscled-up guys. Now they can show off their pecks and washboard abs, too.

The average gym-goer probably felt intimidated and judged enough in the first place, and now they have to work out next to the guy advertising his masterpiece of an upper half.

So really, what’s the point of allowing students to go to the gym topless? The guys who are excited to act upon the new policy were toeing the line of being sanitarily clothed in the first place.

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