Aug 302011
Authors: Hillary Sizer

In response to Emily Kribs writing this week that a philosophy major is only useful if you want to teach philosophy, I have two words: law school.

Sure, maybe Google searching for what your options are with a philosophy major might bring up some dismal results, but if you search for what is the best major to prepare for law school, you will most definitely find philosophy. And even if you major in something else, taking a logic class will guarantee that you will do better on the LSAT.

Ethics and logic are both in the philosophy department, and they foster exactly the kind of thinking you need in order to do well on the test and in law. Some knowledge of political science will help too, but that’s what actual law school is for.

Speaking of ethics and logic, a few of the many other careers they prepare for are human resources, statistics and computer information systems. Philosophy has gotten a bad reputation for being “useless,” but in reality the analytic and complex thinking and writing skills it teaches are a good preparation for just about anything, and it will (almost) always look impressive on a resume.

Hillary Sizer is senior philosophy major.

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