CSU Rec Center goes topless

Aug 302011
Authors: Katie Salvato

As of this year, the term “no shirt, no service” no longer applies to the cardio and weight rooms at the CSU Campus Recreation Center.

For the first time at the Rec Center, students are not required to wear a shirt while working out. Boys will be allowed to work out completely shirtless, while girls will be allowed to work out in sports bras.

“We have always allowed people to be shirtless while playing soccer and basketball so they could differentiate between teams,” said Heather VanHall, the Service Center Coordinator at the Rec. “But this is the first year that students can work out in the cardio and weight rooms without shirts.”

The professional staff, which came to this decision, often make changes or adjusts rule for reasons such as health, safety and sanitary issues. Sometimes, rules can also be adjusted to keep up with national gym standards.

Some students, however, were conflicted over the cleanliness of this new rule.
Josh Ouellette, a senior natural resources major, said he is not one of the students who will be going to the gym topless.

“It’s kind of gross,” Ouellette said. “I might be upset if I see someone sweaty and shirtless on the bench press.”

Zach Roos, a freshman natural sciences major, had a different opinion. Roos said he would probably go to the gym shirtless and didn’t find it gross or unclean.

“You’re going to sweat and have pit stains anyway,” Roos said.

Another rule that has changed this year is what students are and are not allowed to wear into the aquatic area.

“No athletic wear or gym shorts will be allowed into the pool,” VanHall said. “The pool is specifically for swim attire.”

Last year, it was common to see students wearing gym shorts as bathing suit bottoms, but this will not be permitted this year, VanHall said.

And while it does not happen often, VanHall said she does occasionally have to ask students to change or leave the gym for inappropriate attire.

“It’s mostly during the first two weeks,” VanHall said. “We have to inform the new wave of students the rules of the Rec.”

VanHall said inappropriate clothing has never been a large issue at the gym. The campus recreation policy handbook, which can be viewed online or at the front desk of the Rec, asks students to not wear jeans, or anything with zippers, belts, snaps, metal studs or any other types of material that could damage the equipment.

“The metal will sometimes catch on the upholstery of the weight benches and tear the fabric,” VanHall added.

The Handbook also asks that students wear non-marking, close-toed athletic shoes to keep the gym floors nice and the students safe.

VanHall said that besides keeping the students safe, the other main concern of the staff and enforcing dress code rules is to keep the students healthy.

Collegian writer Katie Salvato can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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