Aug 292011
Authors: Jason Pohl

Whether you are training for a 5k or procrastinating on that 22-page term project, the Fort Collins system of trails, natural areas and multi-use paths offer something for everyone.

More than 100 miles of trails prowl within the city limits alone. As you leave behind the city lights, endless opportunity awaits in the mountains.

But if you are simply looking for a cheap way to spend a Saturday afternoon, Fort Collins offers dozens of options in terms of parks, trails and natural areas.

“Natural areas and trails make Fort Collins a great place to go to school, work or play,” said Zoe Whyman, a representative for the city’s natural areas program. “The biggest benefit of trails is a place to escape from the urban environment close to home.”

Changes and improvements are constantly being made to the trails system. A link to the west end of Spring Creek Trail was completed this summer, and a disc-golf course will be added near Hughes Stadium this fall, according to Craig Foreman, the director of park planning and development.

For more detailed information and a list of recommended trails, Whyman will be speaking Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Campus Recreation Center. The presentation is in partnership with the CSU Outdoor Club, and admission is free and open to the public.

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