Aug 252011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Millions of people’s hearts are being bared online these days. So are their heights, weights, eye color and ideas for a best first date.

Date My School is a dating match website intended strictly for college students. It’s a university of lonely hearts, with 31,000 ramen-loving 20-somethings intent on having the sexiest profile.

While you can see Hunkydude77 is an athletic non-smoker who likes Ben Harper, and Cutiegurl202 crochets and has a 2-year-old calico named Muffy, there are a lot of real people who are just as interesting and you can actually see them.

Technology has digitized our schedules, diets and now our future mates. Where does it end? Next we will marry via webcams and order our children on

Even the pasty, gangly youth of the Collegian have the gusto to ask someone’s favorite color and if they like long walks on the beach.

There are more than 30,000 students on CSU’s campus, and more than enough opportunities to meet people.

This is the most social time of our lives before our careers become our only party line. And after 20 years as a data programmer, the last thing you can do is leave the comfort of your cubicle for the other sex.

Eye that cutie in the coffee shop and strike up a face-to-face conversation. Partner up with that funny guy in your economics class. Heck, even hook up with the random hottie at your friend’s house party.
They may surprise you.

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