In the Market since 1976

Aug 252011
Authors: Justin Rampy

In 1976, Gerald Ford was president, a gallon of gas cost 59 cents and Doug Beavers opened his grocery store on the corner of Shields Street and Mountain Avenue.

Now, 35 years later, Beavers Market still serves the Fort Collins community by bringing it products like fresh produce, local dairy and “the best cuts of meat in town.”

“We definitely try to carry as many local products as possible,” Doug Beavers said. “That’s what our customers come here for.”

A normal day for Doug Beavers starts almost before the sun rises, when trucks come in to unload groceries. Throughout the day he places orders for food he will need to restock in the coming days, and works out advertisement schedules.

“I spend a lot of time back here in this little office, doing the things that an owner has to do,” he said.

Beavers recalled times when there were no computers, and markets were run with a cash register and good book keeping, much like his father’s store, the original Beavers Market in Nebraska.

“Sometimes I wish there were no computers,” he said. “It makes some things easier, but complicates so many others.”

Beavers has built a reputation among the community that is showcased in their slogan: “Simple … Beavers is: Closer, Faster, Easier”.

That reputation has kept customers coming in for the last 35 years.

“We have regular customers who come in for whatever it is they can’t find elsewhere,” Beavers said. “We unquestionably rely on repeat business.”

One such customer is Abbey Boeding, 29, from Iowa City, who has been shopping at Beavers for two years.

“We live in the area so it’s close and very convenient for us,” Boeding said.

Boeding comes for the products from Morning Fresh Dairy, a Fort Collins dairy farm, and their delicious doughnuts that are made at local bakeries like Fiddletown and Schmidt’s.

When asked why their meat is better at Beavers Market, George Epstein, butcher, said, “The meat we get is better quality, we cut it carefully to get better cuts, and customers have come to trust the quality we provide.”

Epstein has been working at Beavers since 1979 and has come to enjoy his position at the market.
“I’d have to say what I like most about it is the family atmosphere here,” Epstein said. “And that extends to the customers as well.”

“It’s really more than just a store,” Epstein said. “It’s a family and a community.”

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