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Aug 242011

The clock on Wednesday strikes 12:55 p.m., and Kathleen Ory and 200 other students rush into formation on the Lory Student Center Plaza, ready to show hundreds of passer-bys the flash mob dance routine of their lives.

“At first we were really nervous,” said Ory. “Seeing a lot of people into it, the nerves definitely went away. Everybody started smiling.”

The routine, performed by Greek Life students, intended to bring attention to the fall recruitment season that CSU’s 39 fraternities and sororities will be holding in the coming weeks, commonly known as “rush.”

“I think that (the flash mob) definitely helps get more girls and guys interested in going through recruitment, and getting them registered for recruitment,” said Ory. “I think it will go really well.”

At CSU, fraternities and sororities belong either to the Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council or National Pan-Hellenic Council. While each one of the university’s 24 fraternities and 15 sororities varies in the way it recruits new members, the Greek council to which they report largely shapes the attitude, tone, organization and seriousness of their selection processes. Check below for a rundown of how each council handles its rush season for an understanding of how to be one of the 1,500 students involved in Greek Life.

Panhellenic council


The Colorado State University PHC is the coordinating body for the nine Panhellenic chapters represented at Colorado State University.

List of Sororities

Alpha Delta Chi (Christian, does not participate in formal recruitment)

Chi Omega

Delta Delta Delta

Gamma Phi Beta

Kappa Delta

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Pi Beta Phi

Sigma Alpha (Agricultural/animal science-based, does not participate in formal recruitment)

Zeta Tau Alpha


For PHC, we have a process of formal sorority recruitment which seven of our nine sororities participate in,” said campus PHC advisor Amy Schultz. In order to be part of the process, young women first need to register at by Sept. 3.

“It’s five days long, and each day has a different theme,” Schultz said.

After touring PHC sororities each day, young women will rank every house according to which they prefer the most. Those same sororities, however, will also determine which individuals they think fit best in their group.

“We call it a mutual selection process,” said Carly Chapple, PHC vice president for recruitment.

Information detailing the preferences of each potential new member and sororities feed into a computer program that determines which houses they visit during days two through five.

Day one: Visit all seven PHC sororities.

Day two: Visit up to six PHC sororities.

Day three: Visit up to four PHC sororities.

Day four: Visit up to two PHC sororities.

Day five: Gather at the lagoon on campus to receive their sorority bid.

Dates to remember: September 3-7, 2011: Formal recruitment

Interfraternity council


“The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for the 20 fraternity chapters that are represented and recognized by Colorado State University,” said Kyle LeBrasse, IFC vice president of recruitment, and president of Phi Delta Theta.

“We differ from PHC, MGC, and NPHC based on the fact that we govern only the fraternities on campus. We do, however, work side by side with the other councils to ensure all Greeks work as one unit.”

List of Fraternities

Alpha Gamma Omega

Alpha Gamma Rho

Alpha Sigma Phi

Alpha Tau Omega

Beta Theta Pi

Delta Chi

Delta Tau Delta

Delta Sigma Phi


Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity Inc.

Kappa Sigma

Phi Delta Theta


Pi Kappa Phi

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Chi

Sigma Nu

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Tau Kappa Epsilon



Young men wishing to be recruited by a CSU fraternity must first provide their information at, after which they will be invited to various events held at chapter houses, local businesses, and other location around Fort Collins.

“(The recruitment process) is not formalized like the sororities on campus,” said LeBrasse.

Important dates to remember: Each chapter has their own specific rush events throughout the rush period, and many of these events overlap. Check the “Recruitment Calendar” at for a fraternity-by-fraternity breakdown when and where rush happenings are taking.

Multicultural Sororities


According to MGC President Natalie Smith, the main focus of the council’s groups is spreading awareness and knowledge about different cultures to CSU and surrounding communities.

“We do this through a variety of programs,” Smith said.

“Historically, these have included participation in the President’s Fall Address/National Hispanic Heritage Month’s kick-off, a St. Patrick’s Day Awareness celebration, volunteering during Food Fest and helping with the Cinco de Mayo celebrations.”

Fraternities and Sororities


Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc.,

Sigma Lambda Beta,

International Fraternity, Inc.,

Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc.,

Beta Gamma Nu (associate member)


Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority, Inc.,

Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority, Inc.,

Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc.


MGC does not participate in a formal recruitment program.

“The recruitment process in unique and special to each
organization,” Smith said. To learn more about each organization on the MGC, the best thing to do it visit our website at or contact a fraternity or sorority directly.”

Important Dates to Remember

August 31, 2011: Fall Involvement Expo, when most organizations will be tabling with more information.

National Pan-Hellenic Council


NPHC is a collaborative organization of five traditional and historically African American Greek lettered fraternities and sororities whose mission is to work towards unanimity of thought and action as far as possible in the conduct of Greek letter collegiate fraternities and sororities.

List of Fraternities and Sororities


Omega Psi Phi, Inc.

Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.

Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc.


Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.

Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.


NPHC does not participate in a formal recruitment program. The selection process “is specific and confidential to those organizations,” said Sonja Jensen, director of the Greek Life office and adviser to NPHC groups. Young men and women interested in being recruited are encouraged to contact the Greek Life office at (970) 491-0966.

Important dates to remember:
August 31, 2011: Fall Involvement Expo, when most organizations will be tabling with more information.

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