Aug 242011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

There’s a lack of student housing near campus — that’s no secret. And as CSU enrollment keeps increasing, it’s a problem that isn’t just going to go away.

Campus Crest, a North Carolina-based development company, proposed a construction plan more than a year ago for a 612-bed housing development called the Grove. This complex would be close to campus — near Spring Creek Trail along Centre Avenue — and tailored to students.

The Grove is supposed to consist of 224 dwelling units in five 12-unit buildings, five 24-unit buildings, two 18-unit buildings, a clubhouse with eight dwelling units, a hospitality center, study lounge, café, game room and fitness center.

But since its very basic proposal stages, the Grove has faced a constant struggle between what developers want to build and what surrounding neighbors want to see, causing a divide between the two and leading to board meetings, appeals and the eventual approval by city council members on Tuesday.

Neighbors claimed the proposed complex violated multiple land use codes and also cited many negative reviews of other Campus Crest developments. In a November 2010 Collegian article, Peggy Loonan said, as a resident near the proposed site, that neighborhood members always knew the land was slated for development, they just wanted a higher quality building.

And despite our obvious need for housing in coming years, we need to look at this from the perspective of those neighbors in order to keep a strong and healthy relationship with Fort Collins residents. Because, let’s face it, they live here, too.

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