Not a walk in the park

Aug 242011
Authors: Natalie Fournier

With the closure of Meridian Avenue from Laurel Street to Newsom Hall, some CSU students, like sophomore Jessica Toney, have found campus construction to be a hassle as they start their academic year.

Toney, a business major, said the construction has already gotten in her way because most of her classes are on north campus in Rockwell Hall.

“It’s a pain to get around since Meridian is closed, and you have to walk everywhere,” Toney said, adding that she usually drives to campus and now has to park far away from all of her classes.

But, while Toney feels the pain of a longer commute on foot, junior design and merchandizing major Cally Fensten thinks the construction has actually helped her ability to get to class instead of hindered it.
“I personally think traffic is better than last year,” Fensten said. “I haven’t noticed as many people driving.”

The blocked sections, which include one parking lot at Green Hall and half of a lot at Parmelee Hall, were closed for the safety of students during building construction, said Doug Mayhew, associate director of CSU’s Parking Services.

During construction, students are encouraged to adjust to the changes and find alternate routes to class.

To accommodate for the parking places lost due to closures, CSU parking services has opened up additional parking in lot 195, next to Moby Arena, and lot 420 near the library, Mayhew said.

The construction is scheduled to last until Fall 2013, at which time Meridian Avenue will reopen.

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