Aug 242011
Authors: Erin Nalli

Color is the foundation of fashion.

It is the fundamental base upon which fashion grows.

Of course, we have our neutral basics that blend into every season’s color palette and are timeless contributions to each season’s full line. Splashes of the up and coming color trend is what drives fashion from year to year.

Who decides what color is the new black this year? There are many associations that are involved in a process known as color forecasting. In a nutshell, these groups gather and look at a multitude of cultural and societal trends to decide the direction color is moving toward for the following year.

My personal favorite color forecasting organization is Pantone. They specify in various areas, including graphic arts of printing, publishing and packaging; paint, plastics, and fashion; and home sector.

Pantone states in the ‘who we are’ section on their website that “Pantone LLC… is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries.”

Looking through the fall 2011 report, I see a theme of warm and clean colors. The colors all have neutral undertones that give the forecast as a whole a warmer feeling, which provides the group with a clean and modern look.

The most inviting colors I see for fall 2011 are “emberglow,” an orange coral color; “honeysuckle,” a bubbly and bright pink; and “phlox,” a true jewel purple.

The neutrals for fall 2011 are also warm to tie into the rest of the colors. “Nougat” is a soft khaki, and “orchid hush” is a soft, clean blue-toned grey.

Along with all of the colors in the trend report, there is a deeper explanation of the inspiration for the color, the designer associated with that unique Pantone color and the “must have” fashion item in that color for the season.

This report will give you all of the trendy colors and style pieces to have for the upcoming season as well.

Explore new colors, navigate your way around the website, mix and match pieces in the trendy palettes, and you will be a fashion role model for the start of fall.

Veer away from the colors you normally are drawn to this season. Pick up some clean and modern neutrals, and have fun blending them into your inviting and warm pieces for a totally up-to-date look this year.

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