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Aug 242011
Authors: Greg Mees and Erin Udell

Editor’s Note: For the latest on food trends (and rivalries) in the Fort Collins area, check out Greg Mees and Erin Udell’s bi-monthly food and drink review “Eat & Drink Up with Greg and Erin.”

Greg Mees

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop just opened this summer and while it seems to be the new hopping place in town, I don’t think it’s just because of the food.

The restaurant explodes as soon as you open the door with sounds of off-tune drunken karaoke. Every Thursday night it’s bound to be a good time. The place is usually packed, and big surprise, because it’s margarita special night.

There isn’t anything better than getting a group of friends together and going to grab some cheap –– and by cheap, I mean dirt cheap –– food and enjoy the entertainment too.

But, just because the atmosphere is warm doesn’t mean that the food is going to give your stomach that same warm and “fuzzy” feeling.

The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of foods, focusing in on fresh Baja style Mexican cuisine with their specialty, of course, being the tacos.

The grilled fish tacos, which run about $2 a piece, are overpowered with flavor. The cilantro is completely overpowering, especially with something as delicate in flavor as fish. Simple flavors are key to food like this, and Fuzzy’s drowns the freshness of the fish in overbearing and heavy ingredients and sauces.

The one thing that I will say, however, is that there is one unique flavor added to all of Fuzzy’s tacos: feta cheese.

I’m not a fan of feta at all, but I must say it’s the only refreshing addition and added a lightness of flavor that is expected with fish tacos; however you don’t get to experience that here because of the other elements.

On the other hand, Fuzzy’s has nailed the chicken tacos.

While most of the fillings are the same for each type of taco, the meat was cooked perfectly, and let’s face it, it’s hard to mess up chicken.

Along with the chicken tacos, I had a full-blown meal with a side of Latin fried potatoes that were more mush than fried and refried beans that I ended up adding to my existing food.

So, if you’re looking for a place to grab a quick bite to eat and want to enjoy yourself, then you won’t be disappointed here. There is something for everyone and being broke college students, you can’t get a better taco for $2.

Erin Udell

I’ve never been one to argue about religion — to each his own — but, after my recent trip to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, I started to wonder how could God not exist in a world with cheap frozen margaritas?

When I first heard that a new restaurant was set to open across from my apartment, I didn’t really care. New shops are always popping up in town and, frankly, I never have the time to go try them out before they close and a new “coming soon” sign appears.

It’s a vicious cycle, one I’m glad I broke by going to Fuzzy’s last Thursday night with Visual Managing Editor Greg Mees.

Greg was complaining about the large middle-aged man screaming “Sweet Child O’ Mine” into a microphone for the weekly karaoke night when I first saw it — the Ram’s Horn margarita.

I knew I wanted to try a margarita but wasn’t sure of the kind until I saw the Fuzzy’s employee fill a chilled glass with a frozen lime margarita and put a freshly-opened bottle of Corona upside down in it.

After ordering, I walked, with Ram’s Horn in hand, to a table where I watched Greg unhinge his jaw and gorge himself on Baja fish tacos before taking off his nerd glasses, rubbing his temples and saying, “I can’t even hear myself think.”

But I was in a whole other world and, from the look of other patrons, they were too — we were all having a great time. I’ve found that margaritas, especially the Ram’s Horn, will make that happen.
As someone who’s used to margaritas made of one part limeade concentrate, one part cheap tequila and one part water, this new mixture of tart goodness and carbonation was both new and welcomed.

The only thing I regret is drinking it too fast, getting a brain freeze and being judged by my uppity co-columnist.

To me, Fuzzy’s not only serves as a new (and relatively cheap) eatery, but it also provides a fresh new drink option to the bar scene west of campus.

With beer from Road 34 and CB & Potts, wells at Mo Jeaux’s and smoothies from Ma’s Juice Bar, Fuzzy’s brings more choices (and pretty good food) to an area of town known for less-crowded bars and great drink specials.

So, if you’re looking for a tasty and affordable drink within walking distance to campus, there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is… Fuzzy.

News Editor Erin Udell is a senior journalism major who urges you to drink responsibly. Visual Managing Editor Greg Mees is a junior journalism major and writes for as the cheap eats critic.

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