Aug 232011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Will CSU really become a car-free campus?

The university has had the goal of creating a “green university” for years and it’s starting to look like achieving that goal means removing one of our main roads on campus.

Students returning to campus this year have found that Meridian Avenue, the main street that runs through campus, is closed. And knowing the university is aiming for a car-free campus in the future, we wonder if it will ever open again.

The traffic on Meridian Avenue can get cramped and pretty ridiculous, especially in the morning when everyone is driving to class, but eliminating the road as a route to get through campus is even more of an inconvenience.

Some of us are thinking, “How will we get to class when we’re too hung over after ‘Thirsty Thursday’ to ride our bikes to campus?”

But ripping out Meridian Avenue is obviously not the only construction project taking place at CSU.

The construction being done on Parmelee and Corbett are unquestionably improving the appearance of these buildings by removing their previous bathroom-tile-esque exterior, which will certainly help our campus look better.

Students also see yellow tape at the Lory Student Center Theater, the Campus Police Building and Morgan Library.

But will we see the construction come to an end while we’re still attending CSU? Or will we be forced to walk through a construction zone for the rest of our time as students on this campus?

We can’t help but question when or if we will be able to walk through a beautiful campus without passing a crane and hearing the sound of jackhammers in the distance.

As students who are paying for these grand construction endeavors, will we ever see the fruits of our hard earned money?

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