iPads hit Morgan

Aug 232011
Authors: Emily Horn

Beginning this fall, students are able to check out iPads at the Morgan Library loan and reserve desk.
“We brought them in over the summer and did a lot of testing to make sure they would be ready for the fall semester,” said Tom Moothart, Assistant Dean of Resource Delivery Services.
The library has 10 of these iPads available for reserve. The cost of each iPad was $700, which also includes covers and warranties for each device.
The University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB), which is a student-run group on campus, funded the purchase of the iPads. CSU students’ technology fee goes toward UTFAB.
There are varying student reactions to this new technology in the library.
Sophomore biomedical science major Molly Allison does not think that purchasing the iPads was necessarily a good use of funds.
“I don’t really see the use of them if we can check out laptops, and I see computers everywhere,” said Allison. “At the same time, I’m not a technology guru so I like simplicity as opposed to having the next new thing.”
Senior business major Adam Stone likes the idea, however.
“It’s just as efficient as a laptop, if not easier,” Stone said.
Many students do not know about this new option in the library. The popularity of the iPad is still seemingly unknown.
“We don’t know until we try it,” said Moothart “I’m hoping the students find them very useful.”
The recommendation for the implementation of the iPads came from UTFAB.
Other changes being made in the library include the possible implementation of flat screen televisions that can be connected to students’ laptops in study rooms, keeping CSU up-to-date on changing technology.
“The capabilities keep increasing as more technology is added,” Moothart said.
Collegian writer Emily Horn can be reached at news@collegian.com

The Technology

  • Cost of each iPad offered in the library: $700

* Total amount of money spent on iPads for the library: $7,000

  • Who’s paying: The University Technology Fee Advisory Board
  • How to reserve an iPad: Ask the library loan and reserve desk
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