Yays and Nays 8/23/11

Aug 222011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

*Yay *| To 10 minute classes during syllabus week. Although, still 10 minutes too many.

Nay | To the LSC at lunchtime this week. The line at Panda Express was closer to China than the food is.

Yay | To the Broncos not starting Tim Tebow. We think he’ll survive with the $8 million a year he’s still making.

Nay | To the lack of parking, both on and off campus. Way to actually make us exercise, CSU.

*Yay *| To a new school year and a fresh start. Even raging alcoholics can be born anew into sober, collegiate scholars.

*Nay | *To animal abuse. Sarah McLachlan would definitely not approve.

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