Aug 222011
Authors: Eric Berlinberg

Here it is again — another first week of classes.

For some of us, it is our second, third or fourth first week of college classes. We go through the motions…check RamCT for syllabi, pickup textbook reservations (or buy them on Amazon, if you are smarter than I am), stock the fridge full of groceries and re-connect with friends you have not seen all summer.

This summer, Colorado State was named as one of the country’s “best institutions for an undergraduate education” by Princeton Review. We have nearly completed a half billion dollar fundraising campaign, been named one of the nation’s top research universities with a record $330.8M last year and recently announced a joint research institute with a University in China.

On top of all of that, the CSU System announced this summer that CSU-Global Campus, the first public entirely online academic experience, received its independent accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

The list goes on and on. These are some amazing accomplishments. Congrats, CSU.

As you move back into your residence hall or off-campus housing, take a moment to think about everything CSU has to offer you. Your experience is greatly impacted by how much you feel a part of the institution and feel prideful of your campus. Involvement is the key to success, and I strongly encourage all incoming students to find their niche on campus and explore it. With over 370 student organizations, there is bound to be a community for you here. If there isn’t one, we stand ready to help you discover the possibilities.

A topic that has come up this summer in our office is about student pride and spirit. As a way to encourage all CSU community members to show their pride for our institution, Fort Collins Mayor Karen Weitkunat, President Tony Frank and I have signed Proclamations in honor of “Get Your Green On.” The “Get Your Green On” initiative isn’t just an encouragement for students to wear CSU clothing on Fridays, but rather it is an encouragement for all CSU community members to build Ram pride into their everyday lives.

Part of “Get Your Green On” is to attend sporting events on campus throughout the year. From what I hear, our football team is going to be on the map this year. Let’s be sure to show our support for them by cheering our lungs out at Hughes Stadium this season.
For the incoming students on campus, I have four pieces of advice as you begin the next phase of your life:

1-Get Involved. I can’t stress this enough. Involvement truly is the key to your success at a university of this size. With 26,000 students on campus, the university is simply too large for it to feel like home if you aren’t immersed in its activities.

2-Attend Events. When you see a poster in the hallway, or chalk on the Plaza, or a handbill on your chair in Clark about an event or program, go to it! Find a roommate or a friend from your hall, break out of your shell, and go to the event. Most likely, you will meet a handful of new people, learn something about a student group on campus, and feel more connected. And there is usually free food (I have often told my friends that I want to see how long I can eat for free by just attending these events, but never have actually tried).

3-Go to Class. I’m sure this sounds cliché, but going to class exponentially increases your ability to receive a high grade in the course. Even if you have an 8 a.m., tough it out and get yourself there. Academics are the whole reason why you are here. Don’t forget that.

4-Be Proud of Where You Are. Let’s face it, many of us (including myself) were choosing between Boulder and Fort Collins for college. Be proud you didn’t choose the party school…it would not have been beneficial in the long-run.

If there is anything at all I can do to help make your experience on campus better, please let me know. ASCSU has the personnel and resources to make lasting change on campus, and we are here to help you however we can.

Please contact me if you need anything at all (, 970-491-5931).
We are at an amazing institution during an amazing time. CSU continues to lead the way in innovation at one of the nation’s top leading research institutions. Perhaps without knowing it, you are a part of making history at Colorado State.

Welcome to Colorado State,

Eric Berlinberg is a Junior Business Management major and President of the Associated Students of Colorado State University.

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