Aug 222011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It wasn’t too long ago that students were gathering in hoards at the lagoon to take part in the debauchery of CSU Days. But now, only a few decades later, the only signs of an alcohol-fueled weekend on campus include hungover students and the occasional crushed Smirnoff bottle on a dorm sidewalk.

Now, with the inception of a mandatory alcohol and sexual assault training class for new students, the days of an alcohol culture at CSU may be even more numbered. The program, which is called Alcohol Edu/Sexual Assault Edu, includes three anonymous surveys, different types of questions and scenarios and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) calculations — a far cry from the CSU in faded pictures from the lagoon.

These programs were created to keep students safe and help them be successful academically, but is a mandatory class taking it a step too far?

Most students come to college to learn. And while they may take away a lot from biochemistry or art history courses, they also learn about themselves.

They learn that a Skellar beer is a godsend on Mondays and that tequila is the devil. They figure out what their limits are, and they do it on their own through personal experiences, not an online class.

We’re here to become the people we always wanted to be. So let’s keep college how it should be — as an experience. After all, your grandchildren won’t want to hear about blood alcohol statistics.

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