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Aug 222011
Authors: Matt Miller

Throughout the past three months, The Associated Students of CSU spent –– for the first time –– about $17,000 to pay employees to work over the summer break.

And after being required to work a minimum of 10 hours a week, ASCSU has greeted returning students with 15 of ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg and Vice President Rachel Roberson’s campaign promises completed.

By the end of last year, former ASCSU President Cooper Anderson and Vice President Jennifer Babos completed four of their six campaign promises. Although Berlinberg and Roberson have already followed through with 15 of their promises, they still have 29 more to complete before the end of the year.

“I think we are doing a better job of using our resources and allocating time,” Berlinberg said of his administration compared to others in the past.

Revamping RamRide –– CSU’s safe ride program –– and bringing the satirical newspaper, “The Onion,” to campus as an insert every Wednesday in the Collegian, were two key accomplishments ASCSU made this summer.

“Bringing ‘The Onion’ to campus was a really big thing for Eric and Rachel,” said ASCSU spokeswoman Danielle McConnell.

ASCSU paid the initial licensing fee for the weekly insert, which came from student fees without a fee increase. Collegian advertisement sales will pay for all printing and production costs that go into providing “The Onion.”

“We’re keeping motivated and making sure our administration gets done what they promised,” McConnell said. “We don’t want to lose that momentum.”

RamRide also saw big changes this summer. Through an agreement with Motorpool, RamRide will have nine vehicles Thursdays (up from six vehicles in 2010-2011), and 19 vehicles on Fridays and Saturdays (up from 15 vehicles in 2010-2011).

There will also be a RamRide loop running to pick up students in Old Town.

This summer, ASCSU created a Summer Funding Board, which had the ability to grant CSU organizations up to $3,000 to fund programs in the first weeks of the school year.

Although this fulfilled the campaign promise of adding to the Student Funding Board, only two organizations applied to receive funding, said Director of Finance Matt Strauch. He added that all other organizations can’t access funds for the next 30 days.

On top of these fulfilled promises, ASCSU has formed a Traditions Council, organized healthcare options for graduate students, created a Greek Life liaison and provided free Blue Books for students on campus.

“The summer was a huge help for us,” Berlinberg said. “It was key this year for setting our ASCSU apart from previous administrations.”

Although the student government has made big strides over summer, the entire fall and spring semesters lie ahead, along with 29 additional campaign promises to complete.

ASCSU will also face an audit sometime this year. Every fiscal year, internal audit chooses a department to audit, and Strauch said ASCSU has not had one in some time.

“We’re ready,” Strauch said. “We keep very tight financial records.”

Strauch is not worried at all about what he described a routine audit.

“It’s a good thing ultimately for students,” he said. “They can see how we spend money.”

With much still to do at the start of this fall semester, Berlinberg said that his main goal for the year is transparency.

“Hopefully this year students will know more than they have ever known about ASCSU,” Berlinberg said. “We’re going to be more visible –– we promise.”

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Campaign promises completed by ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg and Vice President Rachel Robeson


  • Car Share Program
  • Club Clips
  • Create a Traditions Council
  • Expanding Test File Access
  • Free Blue Books For Students
  • Funding For College Councils
  • Graduate student health insurance options
  • Greek Life liaison
  • Increase permanent RamRide student staff members
  • Increase Student Funding Board funding
  • Increase travel grant funding
  • Bring “The Onion” to campus
  • RamRide car and volunteer extension
  • RamRide Old Town pick up loop (start this weekend)
  • Twice monthly president round tables (start on Thursday)
    The full list of Berlinberg and Robeson’s campaign promises can found at

Campaign Promises completed after 2010 – 2011 school year by former ASCSU President Cooper Anderson and Vice President Jennifer Babos:

–– Ending 7 a.m. finals for all colleges
–– Enhancing sexual assault education
–– Increasing the number of cars used by RamRide, the organization’s safe ride program
–– Working with Colorado lawmakers to solve the higher education funding crisis

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