Aug 212011
Authors: Cris Tiller

Finally, it’s here.

I know what you’re thinking, what’s here? What are you talking about?

I’m talking about fall, the best season of the year.

You could argue that summer is the greatest. No school, generally great weather, vacations and all that crap.

Or maybe winter is more your cup of tea. There’s Christmas, snowboarding (or skiing) and again more vacations.

Well I’m here to tell you that you would be wrong, so very wrong.

As a self-admitted sports addict I’m lured to fall because it provides me with the most opportunities to get my fix and feed my addiction in a way the other seasons simply cannot.

To start there’s the biggest enticement of the entire year, the beginning of the football season, the ultimate double dip of college football and the National Football League.

Every second of every weekend (plus Mondays and even sometimes Thursdays) is devoted to football. This is when you give your couch a real workout.

Saturday starts early watching College Gameday on ESPN, going out to the stadium to tailgate. Eat wings and drink beer. Argue with your friends in an attempt to prove who knows more about the game.

Or when the team is on the road you set up base camp: food, drink and meticulously planned out times for bathroom runs.

Then Sunday comes, games starting at 11 a.m. and ending somewhere around 9 p.m. If you’re lucky you have NFL Redzone and see every score from every game (like I said I’m an addict).

Then there are Mondays, traditionally considered the worst day of the week, but because of football it doesn’t seem so bad.

Jon Gruden proves that he is the funniest game day analyst on the face of the earth and Ron Jaworski criticizes nearly every quarterback during moments that he’s not pontificating about how the sluggo (slant and go) is the greatest route ever invented.

As if the football season alone wasn’t enough, you mix in the one part of thebaseball marathon that really matters, September and October (and now November).

Teams sense the urgency that they’re running out of time and the playoff push actually starts.
Who could forget the historic run the Colorado Rockies went on in 2007? It was hands down the most exciting month-and-a-half span for any team in the history of sports.

I’m not saying those types of miraculous feats occur every year, but you can count on division races going down to the final days of September. If we are lucky, like 2007, there might even be play-in games.

When the playoffs are set, baseball offers a unique, small playoff format with just eight teams vying for a championship.

The pitching elevates to a new level and every run counts.

Some of the most memorable single game performances have been given to us courtesy of America’s pastime, and yes it’s still America’s pastime.

The Fall Classic is our reward for waiting through eight long months, from pitchers and catchers reporting to crowning Mr. October.

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about our friendly neighbors to the north and their pastime.
Yes, I’m talking about hockey.

And while many of you are saying, “Hockey? Are you kidding me?” I’m telling you it is a beautiful game that, given a chance, you can openly like.

The real rationale for putting hockey in my reasons for loving fall is that I’m eternally hopeful the Colorado Avalanche might actually remember what it takes to play good hockey.

I grew up with a love for Colorado’s once proud franchise.

Now there are rumblings in certain circles the franchise would be better served to move back to Quebec with dwindling attendance numbers.

Each fall brings with it a renewed hope that this is the year (a feeling well known amongst Cubs fans) the Avs regain their pre-lockout form, and give me a reason to care about hockey again.

In a matter of weeks I will once again be submersed in the pleasures that fall brings.

Oh yes, fall is here, it’s finally here.

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