Aug 212011
Authors: Erin Udell

Finding a good place to live may be difficult, but finding a realtor you can trust just got a little easier for CSU students and their family members thanks to the RAMFAM parent-approved business directory.

Dana Goode, a realtor at RE/MAX Advanced, represents one of the 18 businesses included in the directory, which range from automotive repair shops to a Mexican restaurant.

“I think that what the directory allows me to do is offer a service to students and parents by helping them learn more about the area,” Goode said. “I’m especially pleased to be involved and try to give them the best information I can.”

The directory, which is in its second year on campus, was created by Vice President of Student Affairs Jody Donovan and Kacee Collard Jarnot, assistant director of the Division of Parents and Family Services.

Before the directory, Jarnot said she and Donovan were often asked to recommend trustworthy local businesses. Now, CSU parents and family have taken on that role.

“It came about as an opportunity for families to connect, give advice and learn about resources on campus,” Jarnot said, adding that each business is first recommended by a parent and then added to the directory after paying a fee.

“Obviously as far as businesses go, this (the directory) was a good market for us,” said John Parry, director of the CSU Bookstore — a member of the directory. “It gives us exposure to both students and parents while supporting the division of student affairs.”

The Division of Parents and Family Services has been on campus since the mid-1990s when the university neededemergency contacts for students, Jarnot said.

Now, with a full array of services and resources, the division works to encourage students’ academic success while also keeping parents and family members actively involved in their lives.

“We’re here if you want to know how to pay a student bill online or talk to a faculty member,” Jarnot said. “Really, we’re happy to answer anything.”

To recommend a business or view the directory, go to the Parents and Family Services official website at

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