Aug 212011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Newspapers today are changing, and the days of newspapers distributing information like a performer to an audience are coming to an end.

Our generation is seeking news less often and many believe, as stated in a 2008 article in the New York Times, “If the news is that important, it will find me.”

Some of these studies point to a shift toward more social media linking, but others say that readers are not getting the same depth of coverage through those sources.

While the news media is working to change to meet that belief, it hasn’t completely made the shift.

Until then, we would like to encourage the CSU campus to read more news. We would love to have that reading be with us, but the more informed our generation is, the better. Find whatever works for you, and read. Stay current with the world or we may be left behind as a lost generation.

To make that reading easier, the Collegian is adapting to the changing news climate.

This past week we released a new website where we hope to provide you with more content more often and an increased multimedia presence. To do that, we will be partnering with our sister mediums within Student Media: CTV, KCSU and College Avenue.

We will also be launching a blogs department next month to provide student commentary on the news. We hope that this will provide a unique perspective on what’s going on around campus and in the world.

As the Collegian makes these changes, we welcome any and all feedback you have, but we would also ask that you continue to seek and consume news — and we’ll work our best to provide it to you.

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