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The Young Producers Organization, a student-run theater group at CSU, entertained freshmen during Ram Welcome last weekend with two short plays telling tales of a trio of Scottish buddies and a marriage destroyed by an obsession over a bomb shelter.

“The intention was to gather freshmen to see the show that maybe want to become theater majors or get involved with YPO, which is open to any major,” said senior theater major Richie Muller, who plays Frank in the play “Riddance.”

“Riddance” centers on three middle-aged Scottish friends who must face their past and present situations.

Kenny, played by senior theater major Roger Miller, starts the play by explaining his love of order and cleanliness.

“He’s trying to escape from his relationships in the past, and in order to do that he’s created this little bubble that he lives in,” Miller said. “He doesn’t like uncomfortable or dangerous situations.”

Clare, played by sophomore theater major Aimee Drury, visits Kenny to tell him about a dream that leads her to believe Frank will come back into their lives after 20 years. This comes true, as Frank visits that same day.

Frank’s presence after all this time upsets them and pressures them into telling the truth about how Frank’s father actually died, as well as how Clare became pregnant with Frank’s son when she was 15-years-old and gave the boy up for adoption.

“I think this is a logical extreme of what would drive people apart the most,” Miller said. “You can look at your own past and think this is what happens to everyone, but not to this extent.”

The other play shown this weekend was “Shelter,” a story of a couple whose marriage is torn apart because of the wife’s obsession of their bomb shelter in the backyard.

Christina, played by Deidre Raph who graduated from CSU this past May, has lost her job and now spends all her time cleaning the bomb shelter and making it into a second home. This worries her husband, Sam, also played by Miller.

Throughout the play, Sam and Christina argue about the purpose of the shelter and Christina’s irrational fear of the outside world. Christina justifies her actions by trying to convince Sam that preparing the shelter as a home is for the safety of their children in case anything should happen.

In the end, as Sam says his goodbyes and leaves the shelter, a loud crash is heard as if a bomb has exploded or a plane has crashed. This happens just as Christina is about to leave the shelter.

Whether the crash is real or not is up to audience interpretation, but it is very likely that it was a figment of Christina’s imagination.

“It was her need for that bomb to fall because she needed that excuse to stay there,” Ralph said.

YPO is a student-directed, produced, and performed theater group of CSU that is open to any major. They perform plays and musicals of different themes and sizes during the school year and summer. For information on how to join YPO and upcoming auditions for YPO and main stage productions, visit

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The Plays

‘Riddance’: A story about three Scottish friends dealing with their past.

‘Shelter’: A tale of a marriage torn apart by an obsession over a bomb shelter.

More information on the Young Producers Organization:

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