Aug 192011
Authors: Rachel Childs

Freshman year is upon the class of 2015, and students are trying to plan their lives and make college as stress-free as possible.

At CSU, there are plenty of knowledgeable upperclassmen and graduates who kick themselves for not doing something sooner or taking a class more seriously. Here are some tips from CSU figures.

CSU President Tony Frank’s top five tips:

5. Not all the ideas you will hear –– in or out of the classroom –– are good ones. Be critical.
4. It’s really difficult to predict what parts of your education you will and won’t use later in life. I was almost 100 percent wrong. Make it all count.
3. Tomorrow is another day –– and there will be room in it to do more things. Be safe and make sure you’re around to do them.
2. Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you have to say it. Talking is easy, listening is hard, but almost always worth it.
1. And from my own dad: “You wouldn’t worry so much what other people think of you if you realized how seldom they did.

“Get involved in everything you possibly can. Go out on a limb to attend events, join a couple student organizations, find a job on campus; anything you can do to be immersed in the CSU community. It truly does make your CSU experience that much better. Don’t miss the opportunity, because then you will regret it and can’t change it.”

Eric Berlinberg | ASCSU president

”What I would have wanted to know is how
foosball became so addicting.”

Paul Kowalczyk | athletics director

“A university is about the life of the mind, so explore a variety of subjects and when you find what lights your intellectual fires, pursue it with passion. Spend your late nights in books, not bars.”
John Straayer | political science professor*

“I think that if I told the truth on this,
my mom would be upset!”

Tim Miles | Men’s basketball head coach

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