Crazy Reality Television

Aug 162011
Authors: Danielle McConnell

The world we live in today is one that is encompassed by the nosey, the insightful and the drama-oriented. That is the reason for the existence of reality television.

Over the past five years several new and oftentimes over-exaggerated television shows, have shown up on screens in every state around. From Survivor to The Bachelor/ Bachelorette, and all the way down to Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives, we have now become a nation interested in living out a reality different from our own.

“I don’t really like anything that has to do with reality television, but it gives me the opportunity to see someone else’s life that is outside of my own,” said Gabrielle Ohaya, communication studies major at Colorado State University.

That is the key –a grasp of someone else’s life outside of our own.

With Survivor, viewers get the opportunity to experience life in the wild, a life many of us would never want to be a part of. In other instances individuals may like the idea of thinking they could possibly be successful in those ridiculous and sometimes borderline crazy stunts.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette, which also can be incorporated with the oh so popular, for the love of…fill in the blank with a celebrity, opens the door to a buffet of choices to finding love. This of course isn’t exactly reality.

No one gets the opportunity to spend eight weeks with all types of different men or women, from all over the world and then finish off by picking one that they end up not loving forever anyway.

Of course one cannot forget the drama fix for the week that you can get at least three times a week on either VH1 or Oxygen. This includes the highly rated Basketball Wives or Bad Girls Club. If you miss them, don’t worry you can catch a re-run almost everyday. These shows provide a spotlight on the over exaggerated drama within the lives of females. Now yes, there is plenty of drama in reality, but one has to wonder, does it really look like that?

“Watching other people’s train wreck of lives makes me feel better about mine,” said Abbie Yost, psychology major at CSU. Based on Yost’s response, it’s looking like the answer to that previous question is a “yes”.

Whether it is the need of romance, outside of our non-existent passion, or for the desire to live out that argument one never quite got the opportunity to showcase, we breathe for reality television.

The ordinary everyday lives of college students everywhere can be fairly boring and because of that our escape is dipping into the lives, or fairytales, that we may never actually experience. This could only be done through our television screen and that element of media we call entertainment.

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