Jul 052011
Authors: Matt Miller

After a month and a half of requiring Associated Students of CSU members to work a minimum of 10 hours a week over summer, ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg and Vice President Rachel Robertson have already chipped away at their vast campaign promises.

On June 30 Berlinberg signed a contract that approved bringing “The Onion,” a popular satirical newspaper, to CSU.

ASCSU approved of covering the $10,000 licensing fee to have the paper run every Thursday as an insert in the Collegian.

“It will bring a little satire to campus,” said ASCSU Public Relations Coordinator Danielle McConnell. “It’s something that students on campus and around the world know about.”

The first edition of “The Onion” on campus will be run Wednesday, Aug. 3, then run weekly when the school year begins.

“It’s our job over summer to get things started,” Berlinberg said. “The problem in previous years is the learning curve and things didn’t get started until October.”

On top of working on campaign promises, ASCSU has been working over summer to streamline other areas.

ASCSU is starting a Summer Funding Board, which will approve funds for CSU to host events at the beginning of the year.

The Student Fee Board, which approves money for organizations on campus, previously would not be able to grant money until about a month into the fall semester. This would mean that organizations would not be able to host events until later in the fall semester.

Director of Finance Matt Strauch said that no one had ever addressed the issue.
Now, with the Summer Funding Board, five members can grant up to $3,000 to each CSU organization to host events in the first few weeks of the semester.

“We have badly needed a summer funding program for years and years,” Strauch said.
The money will come from the ASCSU general fund and then ASCSU will ask the 10 members of the full SFB to backfill those funds at the Sept. 1 meeting.

If the SFB does not approve the funds, then ASCSU will not have the money they gave replaced.

Strauch said the limit was kept to $3,000 so if by chance the full board did not approve the funds, ASCSU would not be losing too much money.

On top of creating this funding board and approving “The Onion,” ASCSU is working on a project that will help students better understand rising tuition.

This week ASCSU members will be working on testing what they call a tuition calculator. Students will be able to log in using their eID and password and enter information including their year, major and college and it will give a broken down view of tuition.

“It gives students a way to set a budget,” McConnell said. “It’s a major thing to know what you’re paying. It will take away a little bit of confusion.”

The website will hopefully be up and running by the end of July.

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