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Authors: Justin Rampy

This summer marks the beginning of a grand construction project including a reorganization of Meridian Avenue, work on Parmalee’s fourth floor, the Lory Student Center Theater, the Campus Police Building and Morgan Library. The projects slated to finish in 2012 and 2013.

These campus projects are in addition to multiple others in Fort Collins, including the closure of Elizabeth from Skyline to Taft Hill.

However, according to Campus Architect Mike Rush, the construction on Meridian may not prove to be a hindrance for those trying to navigate campus.

“It actually makes it a lot easier for bikes and pedestrians to get from West to East campus,” said Campus Architect Mike Rush.

The hope is to make Meridian Avenue a safer thoroughfare for those not travelling in automobiles.

“Meridian is where a majority of pedestrian, bike and car accidents were happening on campus,” said Fred Haberecht, assistant director of facilities management.

The construction project on the Campus Police Building (called E2) has an estimated cost of $58 million funded by student facilities fees and “gifts,” Rush said. The project is set to be finished in the summer of 2013.

The renovations to Morgan Library total $16.8 million and are funded by student facilities fees and monetary gifts to the university. When it is completed in summer of 2012, Morgan library will be outfitted with a new design, a new 24/7 study cube, and “collaboratories” with smart boards and enough room to facilitate large group studies.

Between these two projects, CSU’s campus will be under construction for years to come, after just finishing major renovations to the Behavioral Sciences building on the southeast side of campus.

“Students should expect one cement truck after another in the fall (of 2011),” Rush said.

Although the construction is aimed at bettering life on campus, students are concerned.

“It just seems like it never ends,” Junior Brian Laxar said about campus construction. “I just wonder where they come up with all the money to do all this work.”

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