May 082011
Authors: Sam Noblett

The printing of this newspaper, the one you are reading right now, will mark the first paper published that bears the name Sam Noblett, editor in chief. This is a somewhat terrifying thought.

But with that fear comes excitement. Today starts what will hopefully be a year that can be seen as an overtly positive experience not only for the people producing the paper, of which there will be many, but also to you, the readers.

Last week, the Society of Professional Journalists recognized the Collegian as one of the top 3 student-daily newspapers in the country.

What an honor. Better not screw it up, right?

This year the Collegian has the potential to fall, but we could also be better: We were not No. 1. That makes it my job to not only assure that we don’t fall, but that we get better. The single largest choice I have to make about the quality of the newspaper is in my hiring of the Editorial Board. And this year I am very excited for the people who will be working as editors at the Collegian.

These editors will be in charge of producing content written and visual, designing the look of the paper, editing the writing and photos and, most of all, managing their own individual, content-producing staffs, among many other duties that will evolve through the semester.

So with this, I would like to introduce my editors for next year.

I asked them all to write a sentence about themselves but, in true Collegian style, Content Managing Editor Allison Sylte decided that they were all boring and wrote completely inaccurate bios for her coworkers, in true journalistic style.

Allison Sylte – Content Managing Editor
A junior journalism major, Ali has been at the paper since April 2010. She once made a mistake, but the laws of physics immediately altered to rectify it. She IS the most interesting man in the world.

Greg Mees – Visual Managing Editor
A junior journalism major, Greg has been at the paper since January 2010. Sara Bareilles currently has a restraining order against Mr. Mees, and he spent a summer following her across the country, watching her through her tour bus window while she was sleeping.

Matt Miller – News Editor
A senior journalism major, Matt has been at the paper since October 2009. Though this information is confidential, he is the man who ultimately killed Osama bin Laden, using nothing more than a toothpick and a copy of Kanye West’s latest album.

Erin Udell – News Editor
A senior journalism major, Erin has been at the paper since April 2010. She once got into a battle with a world champion MMA fighter, and defeated him simply with her charm, good looks and pinkie finger.
Erin Eastburn – Photo Editor*
A senior apparel merchandising major, Erin started at the paper in January. She is a gifted rapper who received co-songwriting credit on Ludacris’ masterpiece “Get Back (You don’t know me like that).”

Cris Tiller – Sports Editor
A junior journalism major, Cris started at the paper in February 2010. Despite being a sports editor, he secretly hates sports and would rather spend his free time creating figurines of ballerinas.

Colleen McSweeney – Editorials Editor
A junior journalism major, Colleen just started at the paper this February. She and Oprah spend their summers together at an estate in Aspen, where they often discuss knitting patterns and expensive knives.

Courtney Riley – Entertainment Editor
A junior journalism major, Courtney started the paper in August 2010. She is a world-champion body builder, and once graced the cover of “Good Housekeeping” and “Guns and Ammo” in the same year.

Rachel Childs – Web Content Editor
A junior journalism and tourism major, Rachel has been at the paper since September 2009. Rachel is a “never-nude” and wears jean shorts under everything, even when she showers, much to the chagrin of her ex-boyfriend, Michael Bolton.

Editor in Chief Sam Noblett is a junior liberal arts major. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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