May 082011
Authors: Katy Jaeger

Four short years. That is all I get in this beautiful town and at this prestigious university. As a bittersweet senior, I now understand the incredible impact being a member of CSU’s Greek community has had on my life. 

Joining this close-knit group was the smartest decision I ever made for myself. Being a shy and timid freshman, I was anxious about making friends on a large campus. After joining Greek life, I immediately established friendships and have found my best friends. From that moment, I increasingly blossomed into an energetic, friendly and strong woman. Earning the opportunity to live in a house with 50 other bright and determined women pushed me to constantly set high standards and achieve them. 

My first priority was being a student on campus and, as a member of Greek life, there was encouragement and support from the women in my chapter, as well as the Greek advisers, to push me.  The most beneficial portion of my academic career relating to being Greek was the fact that there were always Greeks in my classes to form groups with or study with. As a Greek student, the faculty demands the highest standards from our members. Without the support of my organization, I do not feel that I would have been as successful in my college courses.    

Throughout my time on this campus and in the Greek community, I have earned the opportunity to hold different positions, both on a chapter level and in Greek life as a whole. Having these experiences has broken me out of my shell and has given me a level of confidence I don’t believe I could have found in any other campus organization. I have become an approachable, understanding and enthusiastic individual those are necessary characteristics in a strong woman. Through my leadership positions I had the opportunity to collaborate with many different people and establish friendships outside of the people I associate with on a day-to-day basis. There are many different personalities, and in order to ensure success, it is important to understand how to work with many types of people. 

Greek life helped me make a name for myself on campus. I didn’t realize how imperative this is until looking for a job after college. Knowing and working with the CSU faculty helps teach them who you are and what you could do for a company or organization. As a new member of the 2011 Teach for America Corps program, I am truly grateful to have had the Greek life director speak for me while applying for this experience. Without having known these people, I would not have that opportunity to rely on them to speak for me.

Greek life has made my undergraduate experience. Plain and simple, I would not be the person that I am today, have the friends that I do or graduate as a proud alumni without it. This experience provided me with valuable knowledge that I would not have found elsewhere.  I could not be more proud to call myself a Colorado State Greek, and I will forever hold this community in my heart.

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